VT VX VY VZ VU Commodore TR6060 Tremec 6 Speed Conversion Shifter Kit Full Kit

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TR6060 Transmission Conversion Shifter Full Kit.

Designed to be used when fitting either a VE T56 or VE TR6060 to a VT - VZ Commodore. The kit is easy to install utilising the original mounting points for the T56 or auto selector/shifter. Compatible with VT- VZ shifter surround and boot. Fitment does not require any modification of the transmission.

The full kit comes with:

  • base plate
  • pivot housing
  • Malex pivot
  • Malex pivot bush
  • Malex linkage bush
  • Malex billet aluminium shift knob
  • Malex boot retainer
  • Malex lower dust boot

If your transmission is missing the linkage between box and shifter we have those available in a separate listing.

If you already have the shifter and linkage from the donor car then you can use the base kit which is a cheaper option.

The kit is constructed from 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminium and is made right here in Sydney.