Sumps/Rocker and Valley Covers


Billet LS valley covers, rocker covers, sumps, adaptors 

We are your specialist supplier of Sumps/RockerAnd Valley Covers

One of the most important parts for your LS engine conversion is an sumps and we have you covered at Malex Motorsports Australia: we stock several of the most commonly-used LS engine conversion sumps, designed to help you clear your crossmember or chassis. We offer a variety of valley covers, sumps, and LS rocker covers to suit your vehicle.

What you need to know about your Sumps/Rocker And Valley Covers

All LS engines feature a valley cover. If an engine features Displacement on Demand (DoD – also known as Active Fuel Management, or AFM), then it will be using oil galleries in the valley – and these need to be blocked when taking steps to delete DoD. We have an original valley cover designed just for that purpose, and our team is happy to discuss with you which approach is right for your project – drop us a note today!

Malex Motorsports Australia also offers sumps that are perfect for doing a LS engine conversion on early Commodore, BMW, and Holden’s HQ and HZ models among other cars. If you have a lowered vehicle, you will want to consider a front or reap pick-up sump or low profile or notched sump for crossmember clearance. If you aren't sure what is the right fit for you, get in touch and we will be able to help.We also have several LS rocker covers, which are also known as valve covers in other countries.

 If buying a Billet valley cover, you should know that they look better when using an aftermarket inlet manifold. Many aftermarket manifolds expose the valley cover – which is that boring grey-cast aluminium colour. This way your engine will look a lot better, to do with its improved performance. Check out our array of offerings below that include the everything fromdipstick tubes, several valley pans, ICT Billet products, and a GM conversion swap muscle car oil sump pan.

All of the LS rocker covers, sumps and valley covers that Malex Motorsports Australia offers are developed by brands in either Australia or the United States. Everything we sell is top quality and you won’t have to worry about getting poorly built or low performance automotive parts. Check out our full list of products below to see everything we have to offer in this category.

If you’ve got any questions or concerns – and we know if you’re new to this in particular you probably have a lot! - then drop us a line. We are experts in our field and happy to field any questions you may have – whether it’s about which of the LS rocker covers is right for your project, or any other subject regarding your car.