LSA L77 LS3 CT525 CRATE ENGINES TR6060 Transmissions


Genuine GM and ACDelco LS engine parts in stock!

power steering/Air conditioning/alternator

ICT Billet

High Quality U.S. Made Billet Aluminium Accessory Drive Brackets and More!
TR6060 shifters for early Commodore, early Holden, Skyline, Supra and more!

TR6060/VE T56 Shifter Relocation

Brian Tooley Racing Products

We have BTR Parts on the shelf ready to ship!

BTR cams,springs, push rods, shaft rockers, trunnion bearings, Trinity and Equalizer manifolds for LS1, LS2, LS3, LSA, L98, L77 and L76.

Welcome To Malex Motorsports Australia

Looking for an LS conversion kit and the accessories you need to complete your LS swap project? You have come to the right place as Malex Motorsports Australia specialises in versatile LS series engines. Whether it’s specific parts such as the TR6060 shifter, 1350 Tail Shaft Flange Adaptor, or something from broad categories of products – such as an LS conversion kit, we have you covered. All of our Malex Motorsports-branded parts are designed and manufactured in Australia, so you know the quality is top notch. We believe firmly in supporting our customers with the leading ranges and solutions, to help them achieve outstanding results for their conversion projects. We source the highest quality products, from both locally in Australia and abroad, and always with a firm eye on how what we do will benefit our customers.

Building your dream engine from LS conversion kit onwards

We have everything you could possibly want, ranging from the TR6060 shifter, accessory relocation brackets, fittings and LS specialty tools to battery trays and sumps, rocker and valley covers. No matter what you want for your LS engine, we are here to help. We also stock a range of ICT Billet products that will help you with your LS engine conversion. These will help you move your alternator, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump without issue. We also have manual tensioners, power steering delete pulleys/tensioners and idler pulleys.

While we are perhaps best known for our LS conversion kit and the TR6060 Shifter, Malex Motorsports Australia also offers used engines, transmissions and components. All engines and transmissions come with a warranty, come with all the accessories you need, and are available to be inspected while still running in a car. It's a great way to save some money on the LS conversion kit you want.

Malex Motorsports Australia also stock all the service parts that you could want, beyond the LS conversion kit. From oil filters to the best oils and coolants, and that all-important TR6060 Shifter, we want to make sure every part of your car is running at maximum efficiency. We are continuing to add additional service parts to our range over time, so keep checking back as our selection grows.

Need something other than the Tr6060 Shifter or the rest of our range?

Need more than an LS conversion kit? If you see something that catches your interest that we don’t currently offer, get in touch by calling us on 0425 208 174 or sending an email to, and we will attempt to get it in stock for you if possible. By focusing or business on one type of engine, we have become true experts in it and can answer any of your questions and needs. Malex Motorsports Australia also offers local pick up, so you can purchase online and get your LS engine product, including the ever-popular Tr6060 Shifter, the very same day. We're conveniently located at 43 Topham Road, Smeaton Grange, NSW 2567.