Shifter relocation (TR6060)

Malex Motorsports Australia shifter relocation kits for retro fitting Tremec T56 and TR6060 Transmissions. Various designs and positions to suit Commodores, Toranas, HQ - WB Holden, Hotrods, Corvettes and JDM Vehicles including S13,S14, Supras and European cars including BMW E46.

VT-VZ Commodore TR6060 conversion shifter available now!

Also suits VE Commodore T56. Not suitable for early model T56 found in VT-VZ Commodore as they use a different rear extension housing.


For VB VH VK use the retro shifter

For VL VN VG VP VR VS use the 770mm shifter

For Torana and H series Holden use the retro shifter

For Supra, S15 and other JDM vehicles use 770mm

The VT-VZ conversion shifter can also be modified to suit other vehicles.