Malex TR6060 Shifters

Malex TR6060 Shifters

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    Malex Motorsports Australia shifter relocation kits for retro fitting Tremec T56 and TR6060 Transmissions. Various designs and positions to suit Commodores, Toranas, HQ - WB Holden, Hotrods, Corvettes and JDM Vehicles including S13,S14, Supras and European cars including BMW E46.

    VT-VZ Commodore TR6060 conversion shifter available now!

    Also suits VE Commodore T56. Not suitable for early model T56 found in VT-VZ Commodore as they use a different rear extension housing.


    For VB VH VK use the retro shifter

    For VL VN VG VP VR VS use the 770mm shifter

    For Torana and H series Holden use the retro shifter

    For Supra, S15 and other JDM vehicles use 770mm

    The VT-VZ conversion shifter can also be modified to suit other vehicles.


    Malex Motorsports’ own TR6060 shifter – available now!

     We’re not just a retailer of engine parts at Malex Motorsports. Like you, we’re genuine car enthusiasts. We work on our own conversion projects, and so we know when there isn’t an ideal option with the LS engine parts, gearbox parts, and other car components on the market.

    When there isn’t a good solution on the market, it’s time to make one of your own! That’s what drove us to develop our own shifter relocation kits for retrofitting Tremec T56 and TR6060 transmissions. It’s one of the Australian designed and manufactured gearbox parts that you can only purchase from Malex Motorsports, and in addition to solving several practical challenges that come with engine conversion projects, the Malex TR6060 shifters will help to deliver performance and efficiency to your vechile.

    The idea for the Malex TR6060 shifter came when we were doing a conversion project on a Torana and realised that there wasn't a simple solution to change the shifter position on The TR6060 transmission other than having the transmission rear extension housing changed. The TR6060 has a remote shifter which is attached to the floor of the vehicle and connected to the transmission by linkages which means it sits further back and being made for a specific car it is difficult to make it suit a different car. Changing the transmission rear extension housing, however, can cost upwards of $3000.

    Because no one wants to pay that kind of money, we started looking around, and found that for most people the solution was to use the earlier T56 transmissions from VT-VZ Commodores. That saved on the expense, but that was also an inferior gearbox. Hence the Malex TR6060 shifter. It gives you the conversion you want, at a good price, without relying on an inferior gearbox. 

    Australian-made LS engine parts and other components for your peace of mind

     All of Malex Motorsports’ own components are made right here in Sydney. Parts are CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminium and laser cut 304 stainless steel. The shifters are assembled and checked prior to shipping here in our Smeaton Grange to ensure a high standard of quality control. Australian manufacturing has always been of the highest standards when it comes to motor vehicles, and Malex Motorsports his helping to keep that proud tradition alive.

    These are not the only shifters available on the market, of course. However, other quality shifters are manufactured in the U.S., and expensive to import. Furthermore, unlike Malex Motorsport’s LS engine parts, those are made with U.S. vehicles in mind. Only our products are made by Australian car enthusiast for Australian cars.

    Talk to us about your LS engine parts and conversion projects

     As vehicle enthusiasts ourselves, we’re always interested in hearing about the projects and challenges of our customers. If you’ve got a specific problem with an engine or car conversion project, let us know, and perhaps we can help you find a solution.

    New to this all? We’re keen to help new car enthusiasts, too. It’s a technical field, but we have the resources and solutions that can help you get going with your vehicle sooner. With Malex Motorsports, you can also be certain that we’ll only ever stock the best LS engine parts and car conversion kits so you can go ahead with your project with complete peace of mind.

    10 products
    Malex Shifter Relocation Kit For Gm Ve/Vf T56/Tr6060 Transmissions 770Mm
    Malex Shifter Relocation Kit for GM VE/VF T56/TR6060 Transmissions 770mm
    Malex Ls Conversion Retro Swap Shifter Kit Ve Tremec T56 Tr6060 Transmission
    Malex LS Conversion Retro Swap Shifter Kit VE Tremec T56 TR6060 Transmission
    Vt Vx Vy Vz Vu Commodore Tr6060 Tremec 6 Speed Conversion Shifter Kit Base Set Only
    VT VX VY VZ VU Commodore TR6060 Tremec 6 Speed Conversion Shifter Kit Base Set Only
    VT VX VY VZ TR6060 conversion shifter
    VT VX VY VZ VU Commodore TR6060 Tremec 6 Speed Conversion Shifter Kit Full Kit
    Malex Bent Gear Stick Gear Stick
    Malex Bent Gear Stick
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    6 Speed Aluminium Billet Shift Knob Suit Tremec T56 Tr6060 Pattern Knob
    6 Speed Aluminium Billet Shift Knob suit Tremec T56 TR6060 Pattern
    Ls1 Spigot Bush Pilot Bearing Suit Vt Vx Vy Vz T56 Doorman Usa
    LS1 Spigot Bush Pilot Bearing Suit VT VX VY VZ T56 Dorman USA
    Ls T56 Tr6060 Clutch Alignment Tool Vt Vx Vy Vz Ve Vf 5.7 6.0L
    LS T56 TR6060 Clutch Alignment tool VT VX VY VZ VE VF 5.7 6.0L
    Malex Ls Conversion Retro Swap Shifter Kit Ve T56 Tr6060 & 3 Bolt 1350 Uni Joint Adapter
    Malex LS Conversion Retro Swap Shifter Kit VE T56 TR6060 & 3 Bolt 1350 Uni Joint Adapter
    Malex Shifter Relocation 770Mm Kit For Gm Ve/Vf T56/Tr6060 & 1350 Uni Joint Adapter
    Malex Shifter Relocation 770mm Kit for GM VE/VF T56/TR6060 & 1350 uni joint adapter
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