Tuff Mounts

High quality Australian made engine and transmission mounts. Tuff Mounts are the industry leaders when it comes to engine conversion and heavy duty replacement mounts. Tuff mounts are the go to for LS conversions.  Transmission mounts and crossmembers are also available.

Local pick up is available in Condell Park, Sydney.

We have the leading engine mounts for your project!

When you are doing an LS engine conversion, you will want to get the right engine and transmission mounts. Malex Motorsports Australia recommends Tuff Engine Mounts as the best quality available for people who are looking for maximum performance and an alternative to the factory OEM mounts. Not only are these high-quality mounts a leader in the industry when it comes to engine conversion and replacements, but they feature home-grown technology, as Tuff Mounts are designed and manufactured in Australia and are compatible with Aussie-made Pacemaker extractors.

Why Tuff Mounts are the way to go

One of the great things about Tuff Mounts is that they have a large selection that fit a wide range of different vehicles. As you can see below, Malex Motorsports Australia offers dozens of different Tuff products that can be used to mount your engine and transmission. If you are unsure which model you should get for your car, give us a call at 0425 208 174 and we will help you find what you need – as specialists we are experts in the field, and understand that for people who are new to this, especially, conversions can be a confusing process. Our goal is to help you make the most of your project.

We choose to supply Tuff Mounts because we believe they provide the best performance of any engine or transmission mounts. Not only are they well engineered to the highest standards of quality control by true experts in transmission mounts, but the heavy-duty design allows it to lower drivetrain movement when under high g-force and torque pressure. It's this type of performance that keeps us as repeat customers and it allows your car to transmit more power to the ground. The capabilities of Tuff Engine Mounts are such that they are a top choice in drag racing and other high performance driving environments.

Everyone’s car deserves a great quality mount that is made here in Australia. This is a great upgrade from original equipment manufacturer mounts that come with the car as well, that provide an improved driving experience. OEM mounts were designed to reduce noise and vibrations and that design means that they often fail when used with a modified engine. Tuff Mounts have been proven by their inclusion in motorsports, so you can't do better. So, whether you are doing a conversion or just want to improve your vehicle’s performance, you won’t find a better mount.

As with all of our products, we have local pick up available for these transmission mounts at Condell Park, Sydney, so you can buy online and pick it up during the same day. Malex Motorsports is the official Sydney-based dealer for Tuff Mounts, and while we don’t carry the entire range in our inventory, we can easily order for you any specific parts that you might need, and we make getting those parts to you a priority.