LS Universal Spark Plug Wire/Lead Set Remote Coil Relocation Spiral Core

SKU: SB5-551083
LS Universal Spark Plug Wire/Lead Set Remote Coil Relocation Spiral Core
LS Universal Spark Plug Wire/Lead Set Remote Coil Relocation Spiral Core
LS Universal Spark Plug Wire/Lead Set Remote Coil Relocation Spiral Core

LS Universal Spark Plug Wire/Lead Set Remote Coil Relocation Spiral Core

SKU: SB5-551083
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If you’re in the market for new spark plug leads, the LS/LT spark plug lead set that Malex Motorsports stocks is the only ones you will ever need! This complete kit has it all, so that no matter what your build is, where your coils are mounted, or what boots are required for, each individual spark plug can be properly wired, from any angle. These leads are ideal for remote mounting (and can work with the remote coil mounts and coil harness extensions that we stock), and are the perfect compliment to any LS conversion kit.

This product delivers such versatility because the cables that are sold from the kit are extra long and can be cut and terminated to suit the new coil location. The kit comes with multiple plug terminals and boots to suit multiple angles. The coil end of the lead is already terminated.

Features of the set include:

  • Compatible with all Gen 2, 3, 4, and 5 (LS and LT) engines and ignition coils
  • Made in the USA to ensure authentic quality!
  • 8pcs of 5 foot length plug leads (coil end assembled with 135 degree boot). 
  • Spiral core wire, 350 ohm, with 8mm thick jacket
  • Package includes: 8 plug leads, 8pcs 135 degree boots and terminals, 8pcs 90 degree boots and terminals, 8pcs straight boots and terminals
  • Compatible with a standard spark plug wire crimper such as LS-2048 or MSD 3503 or any universal hand crimper

Routing the New Spark Plug Leads – A Short Guide

For those undertaking their first engine project, we’ve compiled a couple of hints and tricks that will help you ensure that the spark plug leads are properly routed and installed:

Firstly, you need to make sure that you’re doing the routing of spark plug leads to cylinders in proper sequence, otherwise there is the risk of crossfiring. You also run the risk of crossfiring if you space spark plug leads too close or in parallel to one another. This can happen due to the inductive field which builds up in one wire as the current flows in the other. To help prevent this happening, we generally recommend that you hold spark plug leads in position by using brackets made of a material such as insulated metal, plastic or fibre.

From there, the job is to route the new spark plug leads away from the exhaust manifolds or other metal objects. Doing this will protect them from the heat of the manifolds and will also reduce capacitive voltage loss between the conductor and metal surfaces.

Good spark plug terminals – such as those that Malex Motorsports sells - are made with a snap ring that give a metallic “click” or “snap” when they are properly set into place. Make sure the terminals are sealed properly and then firmly force any excess air out.

We are here to help in any way that we can! If you are having any issues with your vehicle engine project, unsure of the next steps to take to maximise the potential of your engine, or advice on the best LS conversion kit and associated parts for your project, then feel free to contact us. At Malex, we are genuine car enthusiasts too, and love chatting to our customers about their projects. Give us a call on 0425208174

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