LS Billet Oil Pump Pick up Girdle Tube Pipe Hold Down Brace Support LS1 LS3 LS2

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Malex Motorsports features the best LS engine parts, and this oil pump pick-up girdle is no exception. This part is able to reduce the risk of oil pressure loss by clamping the oil pump pick-up flange from both sides rather than just one. Conveniently, the oil pump pick-up girdle is compatible with all LS series engines, so you won’t have to worry about getting a specific model.


With any modification project, it’s important to ensure that there isn’t a risk of losing oil pressure when driving. Issues with oil pressure can lead to poor engine performance and even complete engine failure, and the damage can occur quickly once the vehicle is in operation. What’s more, any damage that does occur as a result of this can be expensive to repair, so take a preventative measure by getting the best oil pump pick-up girdle is generally high on the list of priorities for any modification project.


You know you are getting a high-quality product when shopping with us because we source the part from one of the international leaders; a manufacturer based in the United States of America in Wichita, Kansas. It’s also crafted from aerospace grade billet aluminum, which is also produced in the USA. Avoid having to replace poorly made LS engine parts by getting the best from the very start. Not only does this purchase save you headaches down the line, but your car will get the optimal performance as well.


Like all of the great LS engine parts that we sell at Malex Motorsports, they can be picked up at our store conveniently located in Condell Park, Sydney. A great way to get it quickly is to purchase it online and then pick it up the same day. It’s the most convenient option as you won’t have to pay for shipping costs.


If you have questions about the LS oil pump pick-up girdle or anything else that we offer, then feel free to contact us by calling 0425 208 174. We are always happy to help our customers and love to talk about making cars run better than ever before.