Harmonic Balancer Kit Pro

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Harmonic Balancer Kit – Pro

This kit contains:

    • 5T 3 jaw attachment 60mm p/n QCP 5T3J-60-76-18-P
    • 5T 3 jaw attachment 76mm p/n QCP 5T3J-76-101-17-P
    • 5T universal slotted attachment p/n QCP 120-P

All 3 jaw attachments feature the Mechanics Mate O ring retention system for fast and easy attachment. Hub diameter range is from 60mm-76mm and 76mm-101mm with a reach of 17-18mm.

The 5T slotted attachment is designed to be used with cap screws. Use of low grade bolts and screws will likely cause breakage. Range is 58mm-100mm in a 2/3 configuration with 10mm wide slots.

This is a Pro series attachment and has nickel coating for corrosion protection.


  • Installation Shafts _ choose to suit the hydraulic kit selected

The attachments in this kit can only be used with 5T cylinders or cylinder with 5T couplings. It cannot be used with 12T cylinders or couplings.