Genuine GM VRS Kit/Top End Gasket Set L77 L76 L98 LS3 6.0L 6.2L

SKU: 92512704
l76 l77 l98 ls3 VRS gasket kit

Genuine GM VRS Kit/Top End Gasket Set L77 L76 L98 LS3 6.0L 6.2L

SKU: 92512704
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Genuine 6.0L VRS Kit. Genuine Holden.

Part Number 92512704

Suits L98, L76, L77, LS3. VE to VF commodores (not LS2).

Kit contains:

12610046 6.0ltr/6.2ltr Head Gaskets (2)

L98INTGASKET Intake Manifold Gaskets

12617944 Exhaust Manifold Gaskets (2)

12610141 Valley Cover Gasket

12610160 Valley Cover Port Seals (8)

12637683-2 Rocker Cover Gaskets

12602541 Coolant Air Bleed Pipe O-Ring (4)

87017690 DOD AFM Valley Cover Gasket

12482062 Valve Stem Seals (8 Exh)

12482063 Valve Stem Seals (8 In)

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For something as critical to the health and performance of your vehicle,

you don’t want to skimp on quality. Malex Motorsports is thrilled to stock an Authentic GM VRS Kit/Top End Gasket Set that is ideal for a wide range of engines, including L77, L76, L98, LS3, 6.0L and 6.2L engines.

The difference in quality with gaskets on the market can be massive. Most use either soft metals or elastomers, though some will also have metal coatings for strength and durability. You can find gaskets on the market that will use aluminium, copper, graphite, cork, rubber, polyurethane and silicone in their construction, and all of those materials can work well, as a gasket needs to be both malleable and conform to the shape of the two surfaces that it is protecting from contamination.

A gasket is a simple, but foundational part of any engine, and provides a seal between two mating surfaces. There is a gasket for just about every component in the engine including:

  • Head gasket, where you are sealing and separating cylinder pressure, oil and the cooling system.
  • A rocker cover gasket is focused on sealing the crankcase which is where your oil resides.
  • A water pump gasket goes between the water pump and engine block to seal the cooling system at that point.

As its role probably suggests, a blown gasket can cause you significant problems, allowing liquids (such as the coolant) to escape and causing damage to the entire engine. For this reason you need the best.

Finding the right gasket

We only stock the top quality, authentic gaskets at Malex Motorsports, because that’s the only real way to be sure that the gaskets that you’re installing are going to last the distance. As one of the leading stockists of GM performance parts Australia has to offer, you can be sure that with Malex Motorsports, your engine work will give you many years of performance.

At the same time, the installation of gaskets is as important as the material that they’re made of. A poorly-installed gasket is that much more likely to break under the strain of operation. That’s the other benefit in coming to Malex Motorsports – we’re hardcore car enthusiasts ourselves. If you have any questions or need advice regarding any part of your engine, then we are there to help you. Furthermore, our Authentic GM VRS Kit/Top End Gasket Set does come with illustrated instructions to give you a visual guide to proper installation.

Of course, we stock far more than gaskets. From end to end, if you are in need of the best GM performance parts Australia has to offer, then we’ve got you covered with premium, proven, authentic parts.

Your car’s engine is too valuable to risk with anything else. For more information or to discuss your engine project with one of the team, contact us today on 0425208174.

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