Genuine GM LS Sump Gasket 12612350 LS1 LS2 LS3 L98 L76 L77

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Sump gaskets are used to seal the area between sumps  and the engine block. LS engines run the oil filter on the sump rather than the block like other engines so the gasket also provides a seal for the corresponding oil galleries. If this seal fails the engine can lose oil pressure potentially compromising other parts of the engine. Clearly this has a critical role to play in making sure your car runs well, and it is worth investing in a leading-quality oil gasket to minimise the potential for such leakage. The genuine GM LS sump gasket that we sell at Malex Motorsports is of top quality, just like any of the other LS engine components in our range; this is quality and craftsmanship that we stand behind.


This is a genuine manufacturer part directly from General Motors. To ensure that there are no compatibility issues, we do highly recommend that you use a sump gasket from the car manufacturer itself rather than a third-party company. This particular gasket works for LS1, LS2, LS3, L76, L77 and L98 engines, but if you have any concerns or need clarification on whether this is right for your vehicle, we are always happy to take your call and discuss your needs further.


When purchasing from Malex Motorsports, you know that you are getting the best LS engine components and at a fair price. Unlike many stores, we don’t do drop shipping and have all of our items in stock at our store in Condell Park, Sydney. That means you can pick-up the genuine GM LS sump gasket that same day, while avoiding shipping, and with the added benefit of supporting a local Australian business that supports the local enthusiast scene. For maximum convenience we offer online purchasing but allow you to pick it up from us directly if you need it now. If you have questions about the sump gasket or any of the other items we sell, give us a phone call at 0425 208 174 as we would be happy to help you out. We love seeing cars run their best and want to help you drive away happy as well.