BTR CAMSHAFT KIT W/Titanium Retainers - LS3 - N/A STAGE 2 - 32538133R1

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Specs:225.4/238.2 .620"/.605" 113+3

Kit includes .660 lift premium dual valve springs with titanium retainers, collets, valve stem seals and spring bases.

Chromoly one piece pushrods are also available separately in .025 increments


The demand for this camshaft was in place before the first LS3 engine was torn down for a cam swap! With a history of making 470+ whp when accompanied by the proper bolt-ons, all while maintaining stock-like driving characteristics, this camshaft has found a permanent home on the shelves at BTR. Building on the easy integration of this grind, it should be noted that stock torque converters in G8 GT's, 5th Gen Camaro's, and C6 Corvettes work perfectly with this grind! However, if you're looking for an aggressive idle note, you won't be disappointed when you turn the key with this cam in control.