AC Delco long Life Synthetic Engine Oil SAE 5W-30 5 litres 19375049 Dexos2

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AC Delco 5W-30 synthetic engine oil

PREMIUM SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL FOR PETROL AND DIESEL ENGINES DESCRIPTION: dexos 2 ™ in an innovation in engine oil. It was developed by GM for late model GM vehicles with petrol or diesel engines, but is suitable for use in a wide variety of other makes and models. It is a low SAPS engine oil suitable for use in diesel powered vehicles with exhaust particulate filters / EGR systems and provides exceptional cleaning power, engine wear protection and improved fuel consumption.

ADVANTAGES: Protects exhaust gas after treatment systems due to low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur. Excellent wear protection even under permanent load with maximum power output. Applicable for diesel and gasoline engines. Inhibits deposits in engines and turbochargers, thus excellent operational reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Low oil consumption due to minimum evaporative loss