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871287 - LS HIGH PERFORMANCE CAM 227/244

Great Cam for 6.2 LS3 N/A engines with standard or 2500 rpm stall converter or 6.0L N/A manual engines

This cam is a good choice if you are planning to add a supercharger later.

Expect around 330rwkw on 6.0 naturally aspirated manual with 3 inch exhaust.

Power range 2500-6500 rpm

Kit includes

  • Camshaft
  • High lift double valve springs
  • Matching retainers
  • Single groove collets
  • Improved hat style valve stem seals 

    Application  RPM Range   Part No.  Adv. Duration  .050" Duration Valve Lift  LSA  Lash Intake Lash Exhaust
    Intake   Exhaust  Intake Exhaust   Intake  Exhaust
    Max lift cam, high acceleration. Gives max performance without losing bottom end. Needs valve spring and ECU calibration. (See Fitting Notes 1 & 2) 2200-6500 871287 278 302 227 244 .607" .610" 114 HYD HYD

    Recommended Parts to suit Camshaft

    Installed Height Parts Kit Valve Spring Retainer Locks Stem Seal Spring Seat Lifters
    (See Notes)
    Timing Kit Pushrods
    (See Notes)
    1.780" VTKLS8 4438-16D 10708-16
    10701-16 S9-16 VSS1251 5250 See Notes PR-957-16  N/A
    5251   PR-5735-16


    Parts Kit includes: Valve Springs, Retainer, Locks, Stem Seals & Spring Seats where needed.
    Camshaft, Lifters, Timing Kit & Pushrods are not Included in Parts Kit. Order Separately.

    Note: Springs marked with xxxx-xxD denotes that it is a double spring.

    Notes: Valve Lift calculated using standard 1.70 rocker ratio. Advertised duration shown at .006". Spring installed height should be checked before ordering. 

    Lifter Notes: 5250 is OEM style drop in lifter using original buckets. 5251 is tie bar style lifter. 

    Pushrod notes: Standard pushrod length listed for reference only. Pushrod length needs to be checked on assembly prior to ordering.

    Timing Kits
    Engine  Single Row Double Row Triggers
     LS1, LS6 5.7L 3 Bolt Cam CS8LS1-SR  CS8LS1  0
     LS2 6.0L 3 Bolt Cam CS8LS2-SR CS8LS2  1
     LS7 7.0L 3 Bolt Cam CS8LS7-SR CS8LS7  4
     LS3 6.2L, L76, L98 6.0L
    Single Bolt Cam NON AFM 
    CS8LS-VE-SR CS8L98  4
     L76, L98 3 Bolt Cam Conversion CS8LS7-SR CS8LS7  4
    VE 3 Bolt Gear Genuine GM CS12586481    4
    3 Bolt Heavy Duty Steel Cam Gear CS8LS-VE3    4

    Fitting Notes:

    1. Must use Performance Springs. 2. Must use Performance Retainers. 3. Machining Required to fit these components. 4. Must use performance seal. 5. Notes 1-4 Apply to this part number. 6. Check valve train geometry before ordering pushrods. 7. Pushrod Length varied in this model. Check length before ordering. 8. Spring height varies in models, check spring pressure before installation.