5T-10T-12T-25T Hydraulic Air Kit

QCP 5T10T12T25T-A
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5T-10T-12T-25T Hydraulic Kit features our 5T, 10T, 12T and 25T cylinders with an air driven hydraulic pump for uncompromised performance, versatility and power.

This kit is your entry of HYDRAULICS only into the Mechanics Mate Quick Changer Puller World. The air/hydraulic pump and combination of 5T, 10T, 12T and 25T cylinders can power all the attachments up to and including 50T easily. With our optional step up adaptors you could also attach it to all 100T attachments, but it is unlikely you will have enough force to do the job. But you never know.

The 5T and 12T cylinders with 75mm strokes add significantly to the benefits of the 10T cylinder, and complements it perfectly. Removal of most items can be done with a single operation, compared to the sometimes multiple with the 10T cylinder.

The addition of the 25T cylinder takes this to another level. The 25T cylinder can be used currently on all our 12T attachments. You now have more force available to take to the vehicle than most shops have in their hydraulic presses in the corner.

The 10T hydraulic cylinder in this kit is also fitted with a 5T quick change coupling and 17mm through hole. Features include:

  • The 5T coupling allows use on all 5T attachments.
  • With adaptor p/n QCP 5T-12T-17 supplied, it can be used on all 12T attachments with little compromise, or when space is a premium.
  • Except for the QCP RHS120 cylinder, this is the shortest cylinder in the Mechanics Mate range.
  • Through hole is ideal for all pushing and pulling requirements.
  • Up to 16mm (5/8″) threaded rods can pass through the cylinder easily to be used for the installation and removal of bearings, bushings and anything else yo can think of. Mechanics Mate supplies a range of installation shafts for the installation of power steering pulleys and harmonic balancers.

The 12T cylinder adds significantly to the range and benefit of the 10T cylinder when extra force and stroke is required. This cylinder is perfect for replacing bushings with its 75mm of stroke, enabling it to remove or install a bushing in a single operation.

Piston ends should always be used to protect the piston of the cylinder. Piston ends are available in many sizes and can vary depending on the application. The piston ends supplied in this kit will cover most applications.

This kit comes complete with:

  • 5T Hydraulic cylinder with 75mm(3″) stroke
  • 10T Hydraulic cylinder with 20mm(3/4″) stroke and 17mm through hole
  • 12T Hydraulic cylinder with 75mm(3″) stroke and 19mm(3/4”) through hole
  • 700Bar(10,000psi) air driven hydraulic pump with 1800mm (6′) hose and coupling
  • 5T-12T Adaptor
  • 12T-5T Reducing Adaptor
  • 25T-12T Reducing Adaptor
  • 25mm diameter piston end
  • 25mm diameter piston extension 18mm long
  • 25mm diameter piston extension 36mm long
  • 25mm diameter piston extension 54mm long
  • 53mm diameter piston end with 17mm hole
  • 53mm diameter piston end with 19mm hole