Looking For AnLS2 Intake Manifold? What You Need To Know

The LS2 intake manifold is certainly a popular choice for car enthusiasts across Australia. Many people believe that all six litre LS engines are LS2s and therefore they need the LS2 intake manifold for their own car project. This has resulted in other options sometimes being difficult to come by, but the good news is that Malex Motorsports has you covered, both for the LS2 intake manifold or any alternative you might need.

Malex Motorsports stocks LS2 intake manifold options from the best manufacturers in the business but we also carry the manifolds that you’ll need for L76, L77 and L98 engine projects. These are all six litre gen IV LS series engines that were released in the Holden Commodore and Holden Statesman/Caprice here in Australia.

The main difference between an LS2 and the other three engines mentioned is in the cylinder heads which feature cathedral shaped inlet ports whereas the others have rectangular inlet ports. On this basis, it goes without saying that you need to make sure you have the right manifold for your engine’s design.

The features are slightly different between the LS2 intake manifold and some of the other options, too. The L76 and L77 both feature active fuel management (AFM) or displacement on demand (DOD). The newer L77 is similar to the L76 the main difference being flex fuel capability, meaning that the engine can switch between E85 (85 per cent ethanol) and unleaded fuel.

The L98 engine, meanwhile is similar to the L76 and L77 but does not feature AFM or flex fuel.

So why has the LS2 come to have such a towering reputation? The LS2 was GM's performance 6-litre engine and was only released in HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) in Australia. It was later replaced by the LS3 engine which is a 6.2-litre but not before it had become so common to the Australian environment The LS3

A LS2 intake manifold can be difficult to find now as they aren't interchangeable with other 6 litre LS engines, and being exclusive to HSV models a limited number of LS2 engines were released in Australia. Thankfully, Malex Motorsports has you covered.


Suits LS1 and LS2 Cathedral Port Cylinder Heads

Brian Tooley is on the forefront of race cam and manifold development. Here at Malex we import BTR products direct from the US and KEEP THEM IN STOCK in our Sydney based store ready for pickup or delivery. Even the relatively hard-to-find LS2 intake manifold!



This intake is designed for combinations that are looking to make peak power between 6000 and 8000 rpm. Boosted engine combinations are actually more reliable making peak power in this higher RPM range compared to making peak power around 6500 rpm like most stock style intakes, provided the valve train is engineered properly. 

- Cast from 319 Aluminium

- Made in USA

- O-Ringed port openings and Lid surface

- Easy Insert steep chamfer injector bores for trouble free injector o-ring insertion

- 6000-8000+ RPM Ideal operating range (for sub 4” stroke applications)

- Underslung plenum design for maximum hood clearance 

-102mm profiled throttle bore

- 1 MAP sensor location in rear with 2 additional optional locations

- Additional user defined LS3 and LS1/LS2/LS6 MAP sensor bores 

- ISO9001:2015 certified machining

- 2-piece design for easy porting access 

- Lightweight CAD-generated design

- Profiled port openings for optimum out of the box performance 

- All threads are roll form aircraft standard DSDV

- Clears F-Body cowls

- Clears C5 cowls with minimal massaging to intake