Serpentine Drive Belts

Serpentine Drive Belts

5 products
    5 products
    4Pk945 Belt For Ict Low Mount Ac Bracket 7176 Sanden Pump Bando
    4PK945 Belt for ICT Low Mount AC Bracket 7176 Sanden pump Bando
    Lsa Supercharger Drive Belt 8Pk1680 Bando Usa Vf Gts Belt
    LSA Supercharger drive belt 8PK1680 Bando USA VF GTS
    Malex Motorsports Australia 1890mm 6PK LS Acccesories Belt Powers steer delete
    6PK1890 1890mm 6PK accessories belt Bando
    6Pk1940 Ve V8 Main Drive Serpentine Belt L98 Ls2 Ls3 L76 L77 Accessory Bando
    6PK1940 VE V8 Main Drive Serpentine Belt L98 LS2 LS3 L76 L77 Accessory Bando
    6Pk1995 Vt V8 Main Drive Serpentine Belt Vx Vy Vz Ls1 Ls2 Accessory Bando
    6PK1995 VT V8 Main Drive Serpentine Belt VX VY VZ LS1 LS2 Accessory Bando

    Serpentine belts are used to drive multiple and many different accessories on variety of engines. They suit high performance engines such as LS motors due to their strength, ability to avoid slipping and flexibility. This allow them to make tight turns without flipping and twisting. The multi rib construction allow for a greater contact surface area resulting in more grip. 

    The part numbers are generally easy to read, for example. 6PK1940 = this would mean it has 6 ribs/packs and is 1940mm in length. Though some manufacturer will use inches instead. So that would make  6PK1940 a 763K6 (76.3inches = approx 1940mm)

    When fitting aftermarket brackets to your LS1 LS2 LS3 L98 LSA etc, you may need a odd length belt. This may require you to measure the length manually.

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