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    Find the best LS Cam Kit for the health of your engine

    When it comes to your engine project, whether you’re looking to get more power out of it, compliment a supercharger installation, or it has simply come time to repair an engine with a damaged cam, you want the best in camshaft kits. Malex Motorsports understands the importance of the LS Cam Kit in optimising your engine for maximum power, and that’s why we only stock the best from Brian Tooley Racing and Crow Cams.

    11 products
    Billet LS engine water pump spacers/adapters. change pulley offset for conversion Malex Motorsports Australia
    (VE/VF Commodore LS L98 to LS1 ) Water Pump Spacer 7/8" Adapter Swap Kit LSX LS2 LS3 L98
    LS7 lifters
    16 X Genuine GM Gold Clip LS7 Hydraulic Lifters LS1 LS2 LS3 L76 L98 L77
    1-1/4" Hose w/ 1/8" NPT Steam Port Adapter Top Radiator LS Swap Coolant
    Sold Out
    DBW carby adapter carburettor LS 92mm TB 4150
    4 Bolt VE 6.0L 6.2L LS Throttle Body to 4150 Flange Adaptor
    *USA* BOLT KIT ONLY for LS1 lS2 LS3 L98 Oil Pump & Pickup Tube Pipe Screen Mount Pick-up
    1-1/4" to 1-1/2" Hose w/ 1/8"NPT Steam Port Adapter Top Radiator LS Swap Coolant
    3/8" Quick Connect Male Fuel Hose to 8AN ORB Adapter Fitting LS LS1 LS3 GM
    3/8" Quick Connect Male Fuel Hose to 6AN ORB Adapter Fitting LS LS1 LS3 GM
    1-1/2" to 1-3/4" Hose w/ 1/8"NPT Steam Port Adapter Top Radiator LS Swap Coolant
    16 X Genuine GM Gold Clip LS7 Lifters & 4 X Lifter Guides LS1 LS2 LS3 L76 L98 L77
    10T Premium Hydraulic Kit

    Why Use a LS Cam Kit?

    One of the best most effective ways to get more power out of your engine is to use an LS Cam Kit to replace the factory camshaft in your vehicle in one go. By relying on trusted manufacturers and suppliers, you can be sure that all the components work seamlessly together and you’ll get the maximum results from your investment.

    When it comes to the LS Cam Kit options available to you, there are plenty. However,Malex Motorsports has made the decision to focus on the products of just two suppliers – Crow Cams and Brian Tooley Racing – and the reason for this is simple; both manufacturers combine precision engineering with premium materials to ensure that the camshaft that you are installing into your engine is durable, robust, and allows you to tune your engine towards optimal power.

    On Brian Tooley Racing Products

    Brian Tooley Racing, or BTR, have the perfect solution for LSX, LS1, LS2, LS3, L76, L77, L98 or even an LSA engines. Each BTR LS Cam Kit can include titanium retainers, trunnion upgrades, or if you really want to go all, out we have the wildly popular BTR LS shaft rocker upgrades!

    BTR also have a range of tools to help you install that new cam from spring height micrometers to valve stem seal installers.

    On Crow Cams Products

    Australian owned and operated Crow Cams has a range of LS Cam Kit solutions that are ideal for your engine. For example, the Crow “next gen” LS camshaft profiles use a new and unique CNC master generation system that produces cams with higher lift and significantly more power with mid-range torque.

    Crow Cams’ “next gen” also profiles high, tightly controlled rates of acceleration, so that spring and valve train bearing life is not compromised.

    Why Malex Motorsports?

    When it comes to LS Cam Kit products and services, Malex Motorsports are the experts. We always have your engine’s performance and health in mind, and the range we stock is selected for its proved reliability and performance gains. You can be sure that when you purchase an LS Cam Kit from us, it will deliver optimal results.Contact us for more information on any of the wide range of products that we stock.

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