Malex tr6060 Relocation Shifter fitting Instructions


Malex Motorsports TR6060 T56 Shifter Relocation Kit

Fitting Instructions  

Check all parts are accounted for. The shifter normally comes partly assembled.

Parts list includes: 

  • Shifter pivot assembly
  • Linkage
  • Clamp assembly
  • Base plate
  • Shifter stick
  • 6 x 8 mm spring washers
  • 10mm linkage pin
  • 12mm linkage pin
  • 2 x 10mm E clips
  • 2 x 12mm E clips
  • 4 x button head M8 x 16 socket screws
  • 2 x zinc bolts M8 x 30

Bolt the shifter pivot assembly to the base plate using the 4 button head M8 x 16 socket screws and 4 of the 8 mm spring washers

The clamp assembly can now be fitted loosely to the base plate through the two holes directly behind the pivot assembly.

Note: Pivot will come pre-assembled with linkage in rear position.

Before fitting the shifter assembly to the transmission check that 10 mm linkage pin slides freely through the transmissions ball connector as seen in the picture below. The pin should have little to no resistance.

In our experience we have found it easiest to fit the 10mm linkage pin before bolting the base plate down as shown in the picture below. Make sure to leave the rear base plate clamp loose for this step.

Now that the pin has been fitted the base plate can now be bolted down with the 2 M8 x 30 bolts and the remaining spring washers. When tightening the clamp make sure to tighten both sides evenly.

Screw the stick in, align the shift knob, tighten the lock nut and you are done.

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