Malex Baton/Drift Style Shifter Relocation Kit for VE/VF T56/Tr6060 Transmissions 770mm

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The Malex shifter relocation kit for sealed T-56 and TR-6060 transmissions is perfect for anyone looking to perform a TR-6060 shifter conversion on cars – a transmission conversion and shifter relocation. It’s ideal for people of all mechanical skillsets as the shifter can be bolted directly onto the transmission without any modifications. It’s a highly convenient process that makes it very easy to fit the shifter to the transmission.

 Another upside is that you will get a better feel after finishing the TR-6060 shifter conversion. This is because our Malex shifter relocation kit is directly mounted rather than using rubber or remote mounting like the original VE/VF shifter assembly. Our throw is the same as what you’ll find from the factory but more direct since there is no play in the linkage.

 Like nearly everything we sell, our Malex shifter relocation kit is made right here in Australia to ensure the best quality product. The kit itself uses 6061 aircraft-grade billet aluminium and laser-cut 304 stainless plate and hardware. The stick is high tensile nickel-coated steel with a nylon bush and all aluminium components have been black anodised. If you prefer the original VE/VF stick, then our stick can easily be replaced with it as well. Every step of the TR-6060 shifter conversion process is easy to do with our high-quality kit.

 Like everything we offer at MalexMotorspots Australia, we offer direct pick-up at our convenient location in Condell Park, Sydney. You can even place your order online and pick it up the same day for maximum convenience or have it shipped directly to your house. When you are buying an Aussie product, you can rest assured that you are buying quality. If you have any questions about our Malex shifter relocation kit, get in touch today by calling 0425 208 174. We’ll be happy to help and answer any queries you may have.